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Join in the MKAL fun with these fabulous mini sets!

Created especially for the wonderful Gnomes (including the Year Of Gnomes!) from Imagined Landscapes. You can mix and match these lovely little sets however you wish!

4 Ply Yarns

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Gnoming Along (Year Of Gnomes Set.)

Brand New Gnoming Along set - Especially created for the Imagined Landscapes Year Of Gnomes!! :)

Gnoming Along Comprises of 3 x 150g skeins (600m each) in Pleasingly Purple, Teasingly Teal, and Naughty Neutral. Plus 1 x 100g skein (400m) of Gnomishly Gold, all on a beautiful, 4 ply Quarter Round, 100% SW Merino Base. 

Using the helpful table set out on Sarah's website, I created the set to allow for the following for 12 months of Gnomes; 

150g for Hats

150g for Bodies

150g for Beard/Nose/Hands

100g for Miscellaneous 

Of course you can mix and match these any way you want, which is exactly what I intend to do with my Gnoming Along! :)

This beautiful set holds the potential to become my out and out favourite and I cannot wait to start the Year Of Gnomes in January, and see lots of Gorgeous Gnomes in all their finery!  Smiles.




Brioche Sweater Pack Ready To Dispatch.

Presenting this beautiful yarn pack, specially created for the Brioche Broadleaf sweater pattern.

Included in this set are;

2 x 100g of Totally Turquoise on the wonderful Tweedy (Donegal Nep) base.

2 x 100g of Totally Turquoise on the fabulously soft Natural Fluff base.

1 x 100g of Cornish Gold on the sublimely soft 4 Ply Merino/Nylon base.

500g in total, and if you scroll through the images, you will see how gorgeous these colours work up together.  I just wish that you could reach in and squish this!  It's so soft and squishy! :)



Coastal Fade Set of 5 Hand Dyed Yarns

Coastal Fade is a stunning set of 5 skeins.  Perfect for a sweater or cardigan, or even a super sized shawl or a blanket (it's YOUR choice!) Smiles.


Isn't this just so very beautiful?   Fading from blues and teal all the way through to a mellow yellow. Inspired completely by the coastal area in which I am lucky enough to live, and I truly think these will be amazing knitted (or crocheted!) up.  I'm saving one of these sets for my Sweater Club KAL in September, and I just can't wait. (Saying that, I do need to try and wait that long. I may well cast on something sooner with these beauties!) Haha :)




Alpaca Boucle Lace & YAK Premium Sock Sets

Introducing these brand new Alpaca Lace Boucle and YAK Premium Yarn Sets!! 

The Alpaca Boucle Lace is so very beautifully soft and squishy!! And held double with the supremely soft YAK Premium sock yarn, it creates a simply stunning DK (270m per 100g approx) weight yarn. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much! :)


People's Princess Hand Dyed Yarn Duo

Hand Dyed Yarn in the beautiful People's Princess and Champagne colourway. 

This beautiful, elegant colourway was created for my September 2021 monthly yarn club, and I have created just two sets for you to offer here in store.

Shown on various bases, simply make your choice of base by using the drop down menu.



Sunflower Hand Dyed Yarn & Purse Sets!

Brand new and beautiful for April's shop update!  :)

Sunflower is simply stunning in real life, and these photos do NOT do it justice.  It truly is so very vibrant and you have to see it to believe it!

This colourway is quite possibly one of my out and out favourites so far this year.  So very pretty, I cannot wait to see this one knitted up. And even better, ALL profits go to the Domestic Emergency Committee Fund.


Sets Of Mini Skeins Valentine themed

Mini skein sets - in both DK and 4 Ply.
Perfect for those scrappy socks, or fabulous mittens, or sock arm sweaters & cardigans. :)


Berty's Allsorts Hand Dyed Yarn

Brand new and beautiful for April's shop update!  :)

Berty's Allsorts has been a promised colourway since the end of last year, and I finally got aroud to dyeing it up.  

I chose to stay colourful, with splashes of black, to make the colours really pop.


From:  £16.00

Bluebell Wood Hand Dyed Yarn

Brand new and beautiful for April's shop update!  :)

Bluebell wood is simply stunning in real life, and these photos do NOT do it justice.  

This colourway is quite possibly one of my out and out favourites so far this year.  So very pretty, I cannot wait to see this one knitted up!


Elizabeth Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn in Elizabeth.

This is my brand new Colourway. Doesn't it look gorgeous woven too? :)

Shown on 4 ply Cashmere, Merino, Silk and also on 4 ply Sock Yarn (75% SW Merino/25% Nylon.)

Sock is just a term used for the yarn base, and it is in fact beautifully soft, and is in no way limited to making socks with! :)

Available on the base of your choice. (if your choice of yarn base isn't shown, please message me to place your order.)

All of my yarns are dyed with professional grade light and colour fast acid dyes in a smoke and pet free environment.

As the yarn is hand dyed, no two skeins will be exactly the same, so it is best to work each row with alternate skeins when working on a larger project.

Please note that colours may look different on various monitors, tablets and mobile phone screens

Not sure on the base to choose? Then click here to see what the differences are. :) 

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

From:  £18.00

Blue Blue Heart - Fundraiser Yarn.

Introducing my newest hand dyed yarn to you, in the beautiful colourway Blue Blue Heart.

Very sadly, I lost another friend to Cancer, she passed away just this week, and is the third loved one I have lost to it this year.  I lost Ildiko in January, Ma in June, and Liz in November. 

Blue Blue Heart was created yesterday, because I was too upset to sit and do nothing.  I found solace at my dyepots instead.  I had the words of Red Red Wine going around in my head, and in particular, the verse;

"Red, red wine, stay close to me 

Don't let me be alone. 

It's tearing apart my blue heart." 

All of this loss truly is tearing apart my Blue, Blue Heart.  And if I can do just one thing to help stop this happening to others, then I will. This fundraising for Cancer Research, THIS is what I can do. THIS in something which is in my control.  For EVERY skein sold, £5 will be donated to the Cancer Research UK fund.

Thank you for helping me to find a way - your purchase and your support is greatly appreciated.




Cheeky Santa

Hand Dyed Yarn in Cheeky Santa Colourway.

I was recreating the Naughty Santa Colourway, Created for Christmas 2020 but, Naughty Santa was... well... A bit naughty!  :) So I have available this OOAK (One Of A Kind) colourway for you.  There are just 3 Cheeky Santa's available on the Merino/Nylon Sock Base (4 ply - 425m approx per skein.) 

£5 from each skein sold will go to the Fundraiser for Cancer Research, to see more about this fundraiser, please click here. 

Thank You. xx





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