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Blue Blue Heart - Fundraiser Yarn.

Blue Blue Heart - Fundraiser Yarn.£18.00

Introducing my newest hand dyed yarn to you, in the beautiful colourway Blue Blue Heart.

Very sadly, I lost another friend to Cancer, she passed away just this week, and is the third loved one I have lost to it this year.  I lost Ildiko in January, Ma in June, and Liz in November. 

Blue Blue Heart was created yesterday, because I was too upset to sit and do nothing.  I found solace at my dyepots instead.  I had the words of Red Red Wine going around in my head, and in particular, the verse;

"Red, red wine, stay close to me 

Don't let me be alone. 

It's tearing apart my blue heart." 

All of this loss truly is tearing apart my Blue, Blue Heart.  And if I can do just one thing to help stop this happening to others, then I will. This fundraising for Cancer Research, THIS is what I can do. THIS in something which is in my control.  For EVERY skein sold, £5 will be donated to the Cancer Research UK fund.

Thank you for helping me to find a way - your purchase and your support is greatly appreciated.



Cheeky Santa

Cheeky Santa£18.00

Hand Dyed Yarn in Cheeky Santa Colourway.

I was recreating the Naughty Santa Colourway, Created for Christmas 2020 but, Naughty Santa was... well... A bit naughty!  :) So I have available this OOAK (One Of A Kind) colourway for you.  There are just 3 Cheeky Santa's available on the Merino/Nylon Sock Base (4 ply - 425m approx per skein.) 

£5 from each skein sold will go to the Fundraiser for Cancer Research, to see more about this fundraiser, please click here. 

Thank You. xx




Finding A Way Hand Painted Yarn - (Fundraiser Yarn.)

Finding A Way Hand Painted Yarn - (Fundraiser Yarn.)£16.00

Introducing my newest hand dyed yarn to you, in the beautiful colourway Finding A Way.

It's all about life finding a way. See the flowers pushing their way through the toughest concrete? They're finding a way. That is my inspiration for this fundraising colourway. Everywhere I look, I see the most delicate of flowers finding their own way through the cracks. It amazes and inspires me each and every time.

I lost half of my thyroid and a great big chunk of my health to cancer. If I can give even just a little to the charities that help other patients and their families, then I will be happy. I'll have done my bit. I'll have found my way.


Forget-Me-Not Fundraiser Yarn

Forget-Me-Not Fundraiser Yarn£16.00

Introducing "Forget-Me-Not" Hand Dyed Yarn By Kernow Designs

Shown on both the beautiful Cashmerino Silk (Cashmere/Merino/Silk) and the Sock (Merino/Nylon) bases. This is easily my most favourite colourway so far. I feel so proud of this one, and it looks just divine, with summer leaving us now I feel this is a beautiful yarn to ease us into the dull winter months.

All of my yarns are dyed with professional grade light and colour fast acid dyes in a smoke and pet free environment.

Please note that colours may look different on various monitors, tablets and mobile phone screens.

As the yarn is hand dyed, no two skeins will be the same, so it is best to work each row with alternate skeins when working on a larger project.

Not sure on the base to choose? Then click here to see what the differences are. :) 

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

FU-CO19  Hand Dyed Yarn - (Fundraiser Yarn.)

FU-CO19 Hand Dyed Yarn - (Fundraiser Yarn.)From:  £16.00

Hand Dyed Yarn in FU-CO19. 

This name was chosen by my husband when I discussed creating an NHS fundraiser colourway.  I've been feeling so very sad, as I'm sure a lot of us across the globe have recently.  To lose so many people is heart breaking.  And I simply don't have the words to express my gratitude to our front line workers, who are selflessly helping us all through this.

So FU-CO19 was born. I love how it's turned out, although it does remind me a little of the Minions now that it's done. (Haha.) I actually want to call it Stuart now! :) So with this yarn you get to choose the name on your label. Pick either FU-CO19 or Stuart by clicking on the option (I'm very interested to see which one gets the most requests. Smiles.)

This is a fundraiser yarn for the NHS Charities - supporting NHS Staff & Volunteers caring for COVID-19 Patients.

£5 from every skein sold will go directly to the charity.

Please, please consider helping me raise much needed funds for them - Treat yourself to a fun yarn and support a worthy cause at the same time! :)

Please note that colours may look different on various monitors, tablets and mobile phone screens

Not sure on the base to choose? Then click here to see what the differences are. :) 

Handwash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Opal Sock Yarns

Opal Sock Yarns£7.50

I am so happy to be able to introduce these fabulous Opal Sock yarns from Viridian! 

With Christmas fast approaching, and a lot of us feverishly knitting or crocheting away, on socks and mittens and last minute scarves :) I thought it would be nice to add some of these rather lovely sock yarns to the website. 

If I'm completely honest with you, it's mostly because I love all of these, and secretly "needed" some for myself too! Haha! :) :) 

I have decided to add these to the fundraising category too - so that £1 from each and every sale goes to my fundraiser for Cancer Research  UK (please click here for more information on that. Thank you.) 

You get 8 beautiful shades to choose from, and I've added each of them below for you to see, and each 100g Ball holds 425m of lovely yarn.

   Blend:  75% Superwash Virgin Wool 25% Polyamide


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