Knit Pro Retractable Tape Measure Beechwood

Knit Pro Retractable Tape Measure Beechwood
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Brand:  Knit Pro


This round tape measure is contemporary in look and is ideal in size.

Made from natural beechwood and sized to fit neatly in your accessory pouch, the centred retraction button adds to its modern look. 

This tape measure is a "must have" for every maker.  And of course, having the letters KP on it, made it a must have for my shop.  KP for Knit Pro (or KP for Kernow's Projects.) Haha.  Beautifully smooth and pretty to look at too.

What I love about these tape measures though is (of course) those cute sheep!! :)  And the fact that the number start a nice space away from the very end of the tape.  I have far too many tape measures here, that have the first couple of lines of the measurement, obscured by the metal end.  These don't suffer that, and that makes them top in my book.