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Join in the MKAL fun with these fabulous mini sets!

Created especially for the wonderful Gnomes (including the Year Of Gnomes!) from Imagined Landscapes. You can mix and match these lovely little sets however you wish!

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Emma Ball Ltd Accessories

This is where you will find all of your Must Have Accessories from the fabulous Emma Ball Ltd.

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Chiaogoo Red FIXED Circular Needles

Chiaogoo have a range of needles and accessories that are possibly the best thing since chocolate became a thing! :)

If you use them, then you know how simply exquisite they truly are. If you have never used them, then you are in for a treat, and will wonder how you ever got by without these!

ChiaoGoo (Pronounced Chow-Goo) means Crafty Lady in Japanese.


  • Gorgeous Metal Needles manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Smooth joins & amazing memory cables.
  • Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand.
  • Laser printed sizes on the needles.
  • Very light to hold.
  • Shiny silver tips, flawlessly tapered, for the ultimate smart look and smooth use.

Please use the drop down menu to choose your sizes - Mini/Small/Large in different widths/mm.

If I don't have the Chiaogoo product that you want, please drop me a message so that I can order the item(s) in for you.

Please choose the large letter option at checkout if these are the only item you are adding to basket.

Thank you.

From:  £7.50

Knit Pro Retractable Tape Measure Beechwood

This round tape measure is contemporary in look and is ideal in size.

Made from natural beechwood and sized to fit neatly in your accessory pouch, the centred retraction button adds to its modern look. 

This tape measure is a "must have" for every maker.  And of course, having the letters KP on it, made it a must have for my shop.  KP for Knit Pro (or KP for Kernow's Projects.) Haha.  Beautifully smooth and pretty to look at too. 


A5 A Day At The Seaside Hardback Notebook

These books truly are amazing quality!  Thick hardback cover, fabulously thick, lined pages inside.  And a lovely Elastic to either hold the book closed, or to keep your page.

– A5 sized
– Quality Lined Paper
– Approx 120 pages
– Designed by Emma Ball Ltd


Cotton Canvas Tote Bag Emma Ball

These tote bags are wonderful quality and have so much room inside!  Absolutely perfect for taking your knitting or crochet with you out and about.  They truly are superb.

– 38cm (H)
– 37cm (W)
– Has a Gusset
– Designed by Emma Ball for Emma Ball Ltd
– Made from 100% Cotton
– Printed in the UK 

Choose from "Full Of Woolly Goodness" or "Two Hobbies."

Two Hobbies.

Full Of Woolly Goodness.







Penguins In Pullovers Zipped Purse/Pouch

Made from cotton and measuring 13.5cm(L) x 9cm(H)

These beautiful zipper purses/pouches are lined with a matching coloured print, and are perfect for holding your notions (like your embroidery scissors, tape measure, stitch holders, darning needles etc... ) I'm amazed at how much I can fit into mine! :)



Addi Express Hook

Addi Express Hook.  Used for both the Professional (22 needle) and the Kingsize.

If purchasing the Book, Addi Express Hook, and Addi Express Professional together, you make a saving compared to purchasing separately. See the product listing by clicking here.

And remember,  all UK postage is FREE on orders over £75.

About the Addi- Express machines;

(22 needles) and is great for creating scarves, ponchos, pillow covers and afghans. You can be knitting in minutes on the Addi Express! Just crank and watch your creations grow before your eyes.

  • The Addi-Express Professional knitting machine features 22 needles.
  • Circular knitted items – Ø 10 to 15 cm (4″ to 6″).
  • Plain knitted items – 15 to 20 cm (6″ to 8″) wide.
  • You can use just about all kinds of yarns, but the recommended yarn thickness is 3.5 – 8.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and using the finest materials available.

All Addi knitting needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes. Please Note: Every Addi product purchased from an authorized Addi Dealer comes with a Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer’s defect.

(The Addi- Express Kingsize)

More possibilities, larger items - and even more knitting fun! That is what you get with the Addi Express Kingsize.

With its larger diameter you can do even more individual knitting with just a few turns of the handle. Like the Addi Express the Kingsize fixes to the table so it won't slip away. With the 46 sturdy pins, you will be knitting trendy scarves and woolly hats within a matter of minutes, and knitting jumpers within a few hours.

The yarn (almost all sizes and kinds are possible) can be inserted easily into the circle - and off you go!  Knit flat or circular pieces and vary the width by using the stopper.

Includes: machine with 46 needles, 5 replacement needles, 4 base feet, 2 screw-in clamp hooks for table mounting, mechanical row counter, large eye needle to assist with casting off, stopper for reducing the number of needles in action.  a built-in row counter.

46 needles
Circular knitted items diameter approx. 35cm.
Plain knitted items approx. 45cm wide.  

Some of the projects included in this fabulous book!


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