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Sock Surprise - Monthly Mystery Sock Club.

Sock Surprise - Monthly Mystery Sock Club.From:  £15.00

Introducing The Sock Surprise Club.

The theme for 2020 was Favourite Females and it proved to be a huge success.  If you would like to see some of the colourways from 2020, just scroll through the images - after image 1.

For 2021, I am offering something a little different.  I am offering a , where you will receive 100g of yarn each month. 

There is also a Letterbox Surprise and a Monthly 200 club option -  Click here for more information.


Chiaogoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable & Mini Tips Sets

Chiaogoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable & Mini Tips SetsFrom:  £70.00

Chiaogoo have a range of needles and accessories that are possibly the best thing since chocolate became a thing! :)

If you use them, then you know how simply exquisite they truly are. If you have never used them, then you are in for a treat, and will wonder how you ever got by without these!

ChiaoGoo (Pronounced Chow-Goo) means Crafty Lady in Japanese.

What's included in your sets;



Fowey Harbour Cross Stitch Kit

Fowey Harbour Cross Stitch Kit£16.00

Fowey Harbour, Cornwall Cross Stitch Kit.

This is the beautiful little town where I live.  It is the home of Kernow Designs, and very special to me.  

As soon as I saw this beautiful cross stitch kit, I knew that it had to be included in my first batch of kits, to share with you all.  :)


Fowey Harbour Cross Stitch Kit Information;

Finished Size – 7′ x 5′ (17.8 cm x 12.7 cm) 


Flamingo Needle Felting Kit

Flamingo Needle Felting Kit£5.00

Fun & Quick to make, Needle Felting Kits.  :)

Questions About Yarns?

  • What does the term 'sock' mean?

Sock is just a term given to a 4 ply yarn (usually with nylon in the content.)  It does not mean that the yarn is only suitable for sock making.

'Sock' yarn can be used for any 4 ply project, it is great for use as warp for weaving too, due to it's added strength.

  • What does the 'SW' mean on some of the yarn bases?

SW stands for Super wash.

Super wash wool is a wool yarn that is machine washable and, therefore, will not felt.

Each hair of wool is made up of scales. Felting occurs when these scales bind together. The superwash process prevents the scales from binding in one of two ways. Some super wash wools are given an acid bath that removes its scales. Alternatively, the yarn can be coated with a polymer or resin; this is essentially a protective coating for the yarn to prevent felting. A yarn can be treated with either or both methods to become superwash.

It’s important to remember that excessive heat (such as with a hot setting on a washing machine or dryer) can damage a superwash coating, which may lead to felting. That is why we recommend cold washing and flat drying with our superwash wools. Also, keep in mind that superwash wools tend to stretch a little more than normal. This is because the scales of the yarn cannot bind together. It’s especially important to do a proper gauge swatch with a superwash wool to see how your yarn will stretch.

  • What are the different bases/fibres listed as options on the various colourways?

4 Ply Sock 100g - The 4 ply sock yarn offered by Kernow Designs, is made up of 75% sw merino/25% nylon.  This is a super soft, yet durable yarn, and is the go to fibre of a lot of knitters & crocheters alike.

DK  100gAs Above but the thickness/weight is a DK and not a 4 ply.

4 ply Double Stranded Sock Blank This is the same composition as the 4 ply sock skeins.  It is a knitted fabric which is knitted double, to enable you to produce to socks (or items) that will work up exactly the same. (Sock Blank can be wound into a gradient style cake if required.) 


4 Ply & DK Sparkle 100g - This is made up of 75% sw merino/20% nylon/5% silver stellina sparkle (lurex.)

Cashmerino Silk 100g (4ply) - This is so soft and silky, and has a beautiful drape too.  It is made up of 70% sw merino/20% silk/10% cashmere, and is a truly lovely addition to any yarn collection. It takes the dyes superbly, and gives such vibrant colour. 

Posh Sock! 4 Ply 100g / Silky DK 100g   - This is made up of 50% Soft Merino/ 50% Silk and is quite possibly my most favourite (it's hard to choose between the Cashmerino and this one.)  I think, for sweater creating (whether knit or crochet) this is my go to fibre. The way it feels, the way it drapes, the way it takes the colours.  I do truly love this one! :) Non super wash.

Squiggle Yarn 100g - The technical or brand name for this one is simply Slub yarn.  It is made up of 90% sw merino/ 10% cotton slub.  I love using this particular yarn for the weft in my weaving, as it gives great texture, and the colours are fabulous on it.  Because of the slubs (which are weak areas when under a lot of tension) I don't recommend this as use for warp in weaving.  

It is however, lovely for use in shawls too.

Natural Fluff 4 Ply 100g - This is so soft and fluffy!! I adore it! It is made up of 38% Baby Alpaca/25% Merino/37% Cotton, and is great to use alone, or as a 2nd strand to knit 2 yarns at the same time. Non Super wash.

Merino 500 (500m per 100g skein) - This is great value for money, with a whopping 500 metres per skein.  It is 100% SW Merino, and so soft to touch.  It actually feels slightly fuller than a normal 4 ply too.

Donegal Nep - This fabulous yarn is a dream to work with. It is made up of 85% sw merino/15% donegal nep. Again, this is awesome for sweaters and shawls/scarves or for weaving (warp or weft.)  I also have some left in the BFL/Nep blend, so please message me if you would like this.

Shimmer Base - This yarn is quite possibly has the most sparkle you will find in a yarn. It is stunning! Fibre content is 66% SW Merino/34% Lurex.  It feels lovely and full when working with it, and the colours on it look so vibrant.

DK And 4 Ply Zebra - This is a wonderfully "thick and bouncy" yarn to work with.  Super soft too (no scratch!) It is 100% Highland Wool and is a non super wash base.  I just think of warm, cosy sweaters, hats and scarves when I hold this one in my hands. :)  Non Super Wash.

DK Decadence  - BFL/Silk 50/50 - Okay, this one is absolutely stunning!! I dyed it up for the first time today, in the Purple Heart colourway, and oh my gosh!! It is beautiful! Non Super Wash.

Made up with a 55% BFL/45% Silk blend, this yarn gives a luxurious feel, with the added benefit of being hard wearing too. Like the Posh Sock (4 ply) it has a wonderful lustre to it, and drapes beautifully too.

DK And 4 Ply BFL 100% -  This is a beautifully soft yarn, that is a non superwash base.  It is 100% Blue Faced Leicester and is available in both a DK and a 4 Ply  weight.  Fabulously warm to wear and superb to work with.  Non Super Wash.

Buttery Base - This base is so super soft and has the most amazing drape ever. True luxury as far as yarns go.  This fabulous, non super wash base is made up of 70% Baby Alpaca/20% Silk/10% Cashmere.  And it really is the nicest yarn you will ever use.   Non Super Wash.

Poldale Silk Base (4 Ply) - This base has a natural pale grey colour to it, and is so very beautiful to work with.  It glides off your needles/hook and gives wonderfully crisp stitches too.  Non Super Wash.


Here is a handy guide for you, if you are outside of the UK.