Spring Bouquet Hand Dyed Sock Blanks[1]

Spring Bouquet Hand Dyed Sock Blanks[1]
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Brand:  Kernow Designs

Kernow Designs


Brand new and beautiful for April's shop update!  :)

Brand new and beautiful for April's shop update!  :)

Spring Bouquet on the sock blanks is my latest colourway, And I simply adore it.  I feel that it sums up spring so very perfectly!

Available on 4 Ply - double stranded sock blanks.  These are perfect for creating 2 socks that look exactly the same, or for a wonderful fade shawl/scarf.  You can see exactly where your colour changes happen, as it's already knitted. 

All of my sock blanks, come pre-threaded at each end, so that they cannot unravel until you are ready to use them.

Please note that colours may look different on various monitors, tablets and mobile phone screens

Not sure on the base to choose? Then click  here  to see what the differences are. :) 

Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

Please note, that you have the option to choose between sunset orange at each end with turquoise in the centre - or vice versa - with turquoise at each end, with sunset orange in the centre. 

Both are truly beautiful - I know I would have trouble deciding!  (Of course, you can order both and create the most stunning shawl ever!)  Smiles.